Jazzy Cat

Jazzy Cat is a learning game that I created using Construct. The game uses declarative knowledge and the strategy of repetition to reinforce memorization of musical chords. It is set up like a 2D side-scroller and you play as cute cat named Nym. Each level represents a different musical chord, and the game goal is to collect at least one of each bird that represents the notes in the chord to unlock the door at the end and walk through it. Yes, you also have nine lives just like any other cat. The vultures in the game represent the dissonant notes in the chord. I am currently working to complete all of the levels in the game and launch it for those of any age in music classes.


Q: When you collect a bird, for example, a C-Bird, does it play the actual note?
A: Yes it does! Every bird or vulture plays its represented note. At the end of the game you have to recall the chord the level was based on and it does actually play the chord!

Q: Have you seen any learning occur for people playing this game?
A: Yes, while this game is meant as a supplement to music theory classes, I have tested it on friends who have no musical knowledge. Four days later, these friends were able to recall the notes in a C-Major chord.

Q: What is the need for this game?
A: In my undergrad, I was a music major. The only way to learn musical chords is simply by memorizing them. Time-after-time in music theory classes I would see amazing musicians fail because they simply did not have the ability to memorize the chords. I want this to supplement those classes and remedy this issue.


Zombie Sales Apocalypse

I create games with my mentor, Dr. Karl Kapp, a professor at Bloomsburg University who wrote the book, "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction." We are currently working on Zombie Sales Apocalypse which is a card game designed to teach sales skills. We have versions for the educational technology community and the instructional design community and offer custom decks to clients. 

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Digital Badges

Here are a few examples of digital badges created for the iLookOut project.


Illustrator Assets: 8-Bit, Avatars, Logos, Characters

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Gender Dragon

I created the Gender Dragon while making the LGBTQ training for Devereux. The Gender Dragon has many different outfits and accessories.



I have coauthored an article along with Dr. Karl Kapp that was published in the Learning Solutions magazine. Check out the article Think Like a Game Designer to Create Meaningful Instruction on the Learning Solutions website.



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PowerPoint Sample Games

I’ve created various sample games using PowerPoint. Some companies are limited to just using PowerPoint, so it’s vital to realize that a lot can be done with it. You don’t always need the big bad game development tools.

Below you’ll see a few slides from a Maze game, a Quiz Game, and various slides from a review game series I created that utilized PowerPoint while being an Instructor-led training.